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A New Generation under the Shadow of Poor Decision Makers

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Honduras is currently living a transition era, where the last generation that decided the course of a nation is still standing in power. Making a decision based on old strategies with no room for improvement or innovation. Destined to repeat the same old mistakes, lacking awareness around the fact that their era is almost over.

Most dreamers are leaving the country for better opportunities, for a place where talent and innovation are appreciated. The question remains, who stays behind to continue the labour of rebuilding the country? Unfortunately, most of them colluded by the same old corrupt, obsolete and mischievous generation that has been for decades making the decision of where the country is heading. They will learn and be trained by those that believe that innovation is just a waste of time, and succumb to their wishes and follow the same path. I hope I'm wrong.

We will never change the world, our reality, doing the same exact things. There is no place for innovation in a country where corruption is needed to accomplish anything. Some were lucky enough to push themselves from the gutters and settle for what they can achieve, but others will search the world for the promised land where innovation is not something new but a way of living.

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